Please Pray for the Election in Israel today


Today the people of Israel will go to the polls to elect the new Knesset, following which the next prime minister will be chosen by the new body. Israel holds a direct election for prime minister, but the winner must be able to establish a coalition government that reaches a majority of the 120 member body. Polls have shown a very tight race, with most of the recent data indicating Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Likud party trailing the main opposition party.

It is vital that Israel have strong leadership in the face of so many threats and challenges, and I ask you to join me in prayer that God will guide the results of this important vote. No matter who Israel’s next leaders are, we will remain committed to standing firm in support of the Jewish state and defending the Jewish people through prayer.

This one of the most critical elections in Israel’s history is being held today as voters in the Jewish state select the leaders who will be tasked with defending a nation surrounded by enemies. I have been spending much time in prayer for the outcome. It is vital that Israel has strong leaders who are prepared to do whatever it is necessary for Israel to survive. The election is too close to call according to pollsters and pundits, but God knows exactly what will happen. This is a spiritual battle, and even though we are not voting, we have a role to play in this election through our prayers. Today, God is calling us to stand with His Chosen People like never before.


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