How Much Of The U.S. Does China Own?

China owns around 1.3 trillion dollars of the United States’ debt, but recently Chinese nationals have been heavily investing in different sectors of US economy. So, how much of the US does China own?

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Chinese Investment in The US…

Why the Chinese Are Snapping Up Real Estate in the U.S.…
“The Chinese shopping spree of American real estate is ramping up, with buyers focused on more expensive homes in dense urban areas in California, New York and Washington state, according to a survey of realtors released this week.”

To Rebuild America, Call On China?…
“China’s Vice President Xi Jinping has at least one good sales pitch to offer Americans during his five day stay; to rebuild old infrastructure, count on us.”

Bridge Comes to San Francisco With a Made-in-China Label…
“Talk about outsourcing. At a sprawling manufacturing complex here, hundreds of Chinese laborers are now completing work on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.”

China Global Investment Tracker…
“China’s investment in the U.S. and around the world contracted in the first half of 2014.”

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